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Last Two Weeks in September:

Catskill Park - This includes the Catskill Park in its entirety, as well as portions bordering the Park itself. Main roads in this area are NY 23A, NY 214 and NY 28.

Southern Section - The southern areas of the Catskills which are not in the Park, including a northern portion of the Shawangunk Mountains. Extends from Kingston down to Walden in the east. Main roads are US 44, US 209 and NY 213.


First Two Weeks in October:

Border Section - This includes the section of the Catskill Region which borders on the Pennsylvania border. In general, it's that area between NY 17 and Pennsylvania. Main roads are NY 17, NY 55, NY 52 and NY 97.

Northwest Region - This includes the area between the Susquehanna River and the Catskill Park. Main roads include NY 30, NY 10, NY 28 and NY 206.


For precised foliage information call the New York State Division of Tourism at (800)CALL-NYS.


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